Welcome to studiO

A Brand New Studio In New Canaan, CT

Welcome to studiO

We began this journey five years ago under a larger umbrella of Oxygen Fitness, and after realizing that we had something truly special, studiO was born! Between our stellar instructors, stunning new space, and a mix of sweaty, intelligent, and unique classes, we welcome clients of all abilities. We specialize in safe, results-oriented instruction with a keen focus on physical alignment and spirituality.

Our schedule is chock full of all level Vinyasa Flow classes, with a little sprinkle of alignment, functional movement, restorative, and youth classes… and a new creation between Barre and Yoga called Fit ‘n’ Flow! We are ecstatic about our new endeavors and hope you are too… see you on the mat!

More O-Bout Us

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Maintaining a clean studio in the midst of a health crisis

Clean Environment

We are always keeping it calm and clean 🌿 @studi0nc with @youngliving #essentialoils in our diffuser, @eoproducts lavender hand sanitizer, @beautycounter hand wash and lotion, and our favorite Thieves cleaner on the floors and in the mat spray. What are the many benefits to Thieves you ask??? It is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-fungal and can be used as a hand sanitizer, rubbed on the chest and neck and used in a diffuser to protect from cold, coughs and flu.

We @studi0nc aim to keep our facility clean from germs, and we ask that you help us in staying home when sick and making sure to wash your hands before and after classes. Make use of our reputable, anti-bacterial safe and good smelling products as you enter or leave @studi0nc ☮️💟🕉!!! #cleanenvironment #antibacterial #thievescleaner #thievesessentialoil #keepinitclean #healthandwellness #protectourplanet #lavender #handsanitizer #handwashing #cleanmats #freshair #keepingcalm #keepcalmandcarryon #newcanaanyoga #newcanaanbarre #newcanaan #ncbuyslocal #instanewcanaan

Expand Your Inner and Outer Capacities

Barre StudiO

At studiO, prepare to indulge in the lengthening, strengthening, toning and tightening Barre experience. These classes will push you to your limit in the most beneficial way possible. At any age or fitness level, you will be able to participate in a full-body transformation. The results will not only be noticed on the outside but on the inside as well.

Barre classes improve bone density, muscle tone, balance, flexibility, and endurance while simultaneously building a stronger outside appearance. These results demonstrate the challenging state-of-the-art instruction including light weight use and isometric exercises incorporating yoga, pilates and ballet.

Full Barre Schedule

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Enjoy the Sweat With No Regrets!

Yoga StudiO

Enjoy a schedule brimming with all levels of Vinyasa Flow classes, with a sprinkle of alignment, functional movement, restorative and youth classes… and a new creation between barre and yoga called “Fit ‘n’ Flow!” And, be sure to look out for our up-and-coming warm yoga; yoga and dance; sculpting yoga and matt palates classes — all held on gorgeous, heated and cushioned flooring.

Full Yoga Schedule

We’ll See You on the Mat!

Instructor Spotlight

At studiO, we’ve assembled an exceptional, seasoned team of instructors that offer a wide range of backgrounds to meet the diverse needs of our members.

Our Team

There’s a New “O” In Town

About StudiO

Over the years, the growth of our thriving sister facility, Oxygen Fitness, has brought us to a brand-new level of expansion. Realizing we had something truly special with members requesting more classes, studiO was born in order to provide a dedicated studio for barre, and a dedicated studio for yoga.

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